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Style Guide:

Here is the style guide for Smooch Mousse! The guide contains different visual combinations and ideas to emphasize how the brand works as a whole. The guide first of all displays the main logo, which is a combination mark that contains the brand name ‘Smooch’ as well as a graphic which is meant to be lips and can also be interpreted as the mousse itself. The typeface used for the brand was visioned to be a nice, soft, scripted typeface that is unique and can be exclusively identified as the typeface for the brand. The purpose of the symbol is to have a simple visual representation of the brand instead of people having to identify the typeface alone. The style guide also has different ways the logo can be represented (symbol, word mark and combination).

The typefaces used for the brand are Lobster 1.3 and Cobert. Lobster 1.3 is used for the main brand name. The other typeface is not used within the brand logo although it will be the typeface used for extra information on business cards and other forms of stationary. The brand’s tagline is ‘Lip smackin… Mwah!’ which can be visually represented by the lips. The main pantone colours used is PMS 419 (dark grey) and PMS 192 (pink/red) which has been chosen as pink/red is often interpreted as the colour of lips and using that colour will help market the brand in the future.

Style Guide SMMOOCH.jpg

So here are a couple of logo choices which I have created in Adobe Illustrator, I’ve tried to express the brand through all the different types of logos including symbols, combination marks, word marks, letter marks and emblems. By designing these logos, I’m trying to figure out in my mind which would suit the brand better, with the tagline in consideration, I want to be able to market the brand on different stationary using a balance of 60%, 30% and 10%. I like the idea of the word mark best as I had the coca cola vision although it will be difficult to make a word mark logo effective with the tagline along side it. Maybe it will be best for me to use an emblem?



Adobe Illustrator | Logo design process – Part 4


Adobe Illustrator | Logo design process – Part 3


Adobe Illustrator | Logo design process – Part 2


Adobe Illustrator | Logo design process – Part 1

Here is a video capture of the logo design  process in Illustrator. The tool I used most for designing the logo is the pen tool and focusing on detail I tried my best to make the logo as close to my sketches as possible. 




Different types of logos | Research

What type of logo would fit ‘Smooch Mousse’ best? Well there a different benefits that each type of logo has… A symbol/icon are usually more memorable as they are more simple and can display the brand as a visual image. A combination mark uses a symbol as well as the brand name which puts more emphasis on what the brand is called making it stick in people’s minds. An emblem is a neat and tidy way to display the brand logo and name without too much going on around the logo. A word mark if used properly, could suit Smooch Mousse very well, as long as there are aspects to the logo which makes the brand indistinguishable.

Coca-Cola is successful because the typeface is exclusive to the brand, will I be able to do this with Smooch?





Combination Mark:




Letter Mark:


Word Mark:



Logo Type:

What type of logo would be most effective in branding ‘Smooch Mousse’? In class we have learnt the different types of logo designs (symbol/icon, wordmark, lettermark, combination mark and emblem) and examples of brands which effectively use these type of logos to portray their product.

When brainstorming the type of logo which would be most effective for my brand, there were some questions I had to ask myself including whether I need the word ‘mousse’ to be incorporated or if I should just leave it as ‘Smooch’. Another factor I had to consider was whether a symbol or a wordmark would suit the brand better. One of my visions for smooch mousse was a wordmark logo similar to Coca-Cola which uses a typeface which is exclusive to the brand.

After Google searching ‘Smooch Mousse’, all the results were related to the mousse used to style hair. Even though there isn’t yet a brand called Smooch Mousse (showing that the brand is original), the fact that mousse can be defined as both a hair styling product and an edible dessert could be an issue when marketing the brand. I will need to think of a way of clearly showing that it is a dessert brand and not a cosmetic brand.


Market Research: 

After researching other mousse brands, I’ve learnt that there aren’t particularly much mousse brands compared to ice-cream or yogurt. The most popular of mousse brands that would be the largest threat would be ‘Muscle Mousse’ as its the most widely known.

Competitor Analysis | Muscle Moose

The logo used for Muscle Moose is remembered mostly for the moose who is flexing his muscles, the typeface used also resembles with the muscle/strength of the brand which all ties together to make the logo memorable. Although the logo lacks a couple of elements that I could use to my advantage when creating my own brand. One factor to point out is that there is a lot going on in the logo, it isn’t particularly simple which means the logo won’t be as memorable as it could be. There is also too much colour being used, there are the two shades of blue, the black drop shadow from the type, the colour of the moose and the brown in his antlers. The logo is also over detailed , simplistic shapes and colours need to be used to create an effective, memorable logo.

If I were to re create the Muscle Moose logo, I would first of all make the moose less detailed, using a minimalist styled moose rather than a more detailed one, using lines and shapes. I could even just use the antlers as mooses are often interpreted from their antlers. I would also ensure that there are a maximum of 2 colours being used. Smooch Mousse as a brand will be approached very differently than Muscle Mousse, I plan to make the logo similar to Coca-Cola in that the name of the brand will become the logo. While Muscle Mousse uses a rough, bold typeface, Smooch Mousse will use a soft, brush script typeface.

The majority of the mousse industry sells chocolate mousse, could I brand for a different flavor that no one has tried before? Will that make me more successful when selling the product in the current market? How can I use colour to emphasize flavor? There are also other mousse brands which aren’t as popular as Muscle Mousse but still have a better logo than Muscle Mousse. An example is ‘Yalla’ which uses a simple colour scheme and style, using the letter ‘Y’ in Yalla and making it look like moose antlers.

Name of the Brand:

So I have come up with two names that I am trying to decide which one suits the brand more (Sploosh and Smooch). I played around with the styles of type to see which word I liked more and eventually decided to go with Smooch as it looks better in a scripted typeface. When ‘Sploosh’ was written with a brush script, it more so appealed to water than it did mousse which is another reason why I went with Smooch.

Smooch Mousse



So for this assessment task I have chosen the mousse industry. I wanted to pick a dairy product that isn’t too mainstream (like ice-cream or milk) so that there are less brands in the market which will mean I will have a better chance at success for when I brand the product.

The next step in the design process is to pick a suitable name for the brand that fits the brief “Simple and Catchy”. I have made a list of different words which are simple, effective, and could be used as a name for the brand. One thing to remember when branding a product is that the name of the brand doesn’t have to mean anything (teacher often refers to the brand ‘Kodak’ and the fact that the word was completely made up). The type of words that I looked for was ones that described the sensation/texture of the product (in this case mousse). For Example

Sploosh describes the texture of the mousse when it is consumed and Smooch describes the sensation when the mousse is slurped up through the mouth, its like you’re kissing the mousse (which is how people eat when they are enjoying what they are eating).



Style Guides | Research

“A style guide (or manual of style) is a set of standards for the writing and design of documents, either for general use or for a specific publication, organization, or field. (It is often called a style sheet, though that term has other meanings.) A style guide establishes and enforces style to improve communication.”

For when I create my style guide, it should contain all the elements of my design including typefaces, pantone colours and style’s which I have produced throughout the design process. The image Below is the style guide which the teacher created as an example of whats expected from us. At the top he put his preferred logo which has the name of the brand along with a halftone streak below it. Underneath the main logo there are examples of other potential ideas which were thought about in the process of creating the logo. He included the colours, typefaces and the tagline as well.


Branding Design | Research

Branding – When designing a logo for any brand, different elements need to be taken into account. Will it work on a business card? Will it work for an app design? Does the logo use the design elements and principles to ensure that the brand is aesthetically pleasing?

Below is an example of a branded design.’PZ’ is a design company that does web design, branding and print, their logo incorporates a simple color scheme with two colours (aqua/black). The logo has been put on different branding stationary including a book, notepad, pencil, business card, web app and CDs which demonstrates that the brand suits these pieces of stationary. When I brand my Cows & Companies logo, will it suit stationary like this?


Design Brief | Cows and Companies

After participating in lessons on the design process, effective logo design, typography, colour, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign you are to design a corporate brand (logo) for a dairy-based food enterprise (teacher will provide examples), create a style guide and feature it on corporate stationery. “

What dairy product do I want to go for? 

Ice Cream: Ice Cream is a food that a lot of people enjoy, but there are so much brands in the market which are already superior in their own way so doing a design for Ice Cream would be a challenge.

Choc-shop (Cafe/Restaurant): There are a lot of cafes and restaurants that sell dairy based products although there are different ways I could make it unique. I could even do an ice cream truck or a pop up restaurant that sells chocolate meals or what not. I want to create a design for a unique brand because it will challenge me to create a unique logo.

Milk: Milk is a very mainstream product and in my eyes is a tad bit boring. Milk is considered as a low investment product meaning that people buy it out of routine, I want to brand a product that is unique and is freely chosen as a product that is enjoyable to consume.

Mousse: I’ve had a few ideas in my head about a brand logo for mousse, I could use deer antlers or something close to that to make my brand memorable, the issue is that it’s most likely been done before.

Whipped Cream: I had an idea in my head of a logo that incorporates a whip although it could over complicate the logo a little bit, I feel as though I want to create a logo that is simple and memorable and uses words instead of pictures.

In class I did a mind map of different ideas I could come up with for a dairy product which I could brand, while also exploring other brands within that enterprise.